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Photo and quote reposted from the launch of the Greenpeace film, “OUR VOICES ARE VITAL” 


Joe-Mohr Greenpeace
Joe Mohr is a political cartoonist who has created environmental cartoons for Greenpeace since 2011. “There have been cartoonists jailed all over the world for being critical of leaders in countries without safeguards for free, critical speech. Images are powerful. Free speech is powerful. The combination can spread messages … around the world in minutes. It’s exciting to me; scary to fascist leaders.”


Joe has been creating environmentally-themed cartoons since 2007 for Yes! Magazine, Greenpeace, The Progressive, Cartoon Movement, Center for Media and Democracy, Democracy Now!, Defending Dissent, PBS’s Urban Conversion, and many more.

Joe’s first children’s book, ROBOT+BIKE=KITTEN came out in May, 2013. Buy your copy here. This book spawned the Children’s Music band Robot+Bike. Check out their first, self-titled EP here. Joe has also been published in One Minute Till Bedtime (Little, Brown), Soda Politics (Oxford, Press), Pacha’s Pajamas, Best Editorial Cartoons of the Year 2013 and 2014 editions (Pelican Publishing), and in a variety of high school and college textbooks in countries all over the world.

Joe has also created a variety of logos, CD and T-shirt designs, and children’s book illustrations. He writes and illustrates poetry for kids at JoeMohr.com, and is a happy hubby, daddy, bike lover, doodler/writer/painter, hobby beekeeper, traveler, woodworker, and above-average green bean grower.


In Greenpeace film, “Our Voices Are Vital”

SCBWI Featured Illustrator for June 2019.

On Democracy Now! (comic featured at 55:22)

On Earthworms podcast, “In ‘Toon, Greenly with Poet and Enviro-Cartoonist Joe Mohr”

On No Water River: the children’s poetry place, “Flybrows”

In the St Louis Post-Dispatch, “A portrait of the artist as a big kid”

Flattering little review of ROBOT+BIKE=KITTEN (paragraph 12) in The Healthy Planet

St. Louis Magazine’s feature on Joe’s beekeeping efforts

Follow Joe’s Cartoon updates on Instagram @mrjoemohr, twitter at @MrJoeMohr and facebook.
Contact Joe at poemsofJoeMs (at) yahoo (dot) com

27 thoughts on “About Joe

  1. Joe,

    Are any of your environmentally-themed cartoons (for adults) covered under a creative commons license? I would like to mount a couple of your cartoons (with proper attribution) at an alternative energy website.

  2. Thanks for your wonderful cartoons. I have given you a shout out today on Conserve School’s Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/ConserveSchool.

    I saw your work included in a presentation by Michelle Bouchard, the president of HealthCorps, at the 1st Annual Green Schools Conference in Minneapolis today and I was glad that I was able to find more of your work online.

    Thanks again for providing some educational chuckles,

    Stefan Anderson
    Head of School, Conserve School

    1. Thanks for seeking me out Stefan! As a former special education and 3rd grade teacher (10 years) and a lifelong environmentalist (35 years) I am happy to be a part of Michelle’s presentation.
      I looked up your school as well–it looks terrific. I went to college at Winona State and spent many summers in 3 Lakes WI at a friend’s summer home–beautiful country!
      Keep up the great work, Stefan!
      Joe Mohr

  3. Good grief!! Has it been nearly 2 years since I found my way back here!!! Damn those tricky interwebs…

    Well…I still love your work! I still think it’s smart and funny…and I’ll never ever lose you again!!

  4. Hey Mr. Mohr!

    I love your green cartoons. Is it okay with you if I use some in my essay? Proper credit will be given. Thanks!


  5. Dear Joe Mohr,

    Editions Hatier, a French textbook publisher, is preparing an English learning textbook for pupil entitled ” Welcome 4e “.
    In respect of the above project, we will be very grateful to receive your authorization in order to reproduce your poem “Have a ball” : http://www.wellsphere.com/parenting-article/earth-day-poem/1085527

    Information regarding our project ” Welcome 4e ” :
    Publisher: Editions HATIER
    Territory needed: France
    Print run/circulation: 11 000
    Price: 18.40€
    Publication Date: June 2013
    Number of pages of our book: 192 p.
    We will also propose an e-book version

    We are looking forward to receiving your permission to reproduce, together with the following information:
    – Copyright &/or Credit Line applying
    – Required Fees, if any,

    Best regards,

    Andréa FREIRE
    8 rue d’Assas
    75 006 PARIS

    1. I’ve since done a better version of the poem and have a larger copy that may work better for the text book. It will also be in my book of poetry for children (coming out this Spring/Summer). Send me your email and I’ll email you the better version. All I’d ask for is a credit line highlighting the upcoming book.

  6. Hi Joe! love you work, I just recently discovered it! I came across one of your comics “our solar system, 2100” and i’d really like to use it for a blog post for one of my classes about the use of pesticides and their effects on bees, let me know!

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