Mean Joe Green #1: Putting the P in GOP

Originally posted on on 3/15/08
Editor’s note: Political cartoons are a staple of editorial pages and other websites focused on politics, and we’re delighted to bring you the first of our own series of cartoons from our own “Mean Joe Green” Mohr.

Of course, we greenies would love a presidential candidate that took a strong-handed, common sense approach to addressing the myriad of environmental issues facing the planet, and did so with the energy and intensity it deserves.

We don’t.

But we do have these three…


…two democratic candidates with a pretty solid-for-a-presidential-candidate focus on the environment. And one Republican with a pretty-good-for-a-Republican (read: still quite bad) focus on green issues.

For more on the green leanings of the 3 candidates read Jennifer Lance’s recent post here.