Mean Joe Green #15: McCain’s Vision for Renewable Energy

Originally posted on RedGreenandBlue on 6/21/08

GOP candidate John McCain has his eyes on nuclear energy to address our current climate crisis.

Nothing like solving one problem while creating another. I can understand that he may hate the sun for what it does to his pasty white skin. And that he may hate the wind for messing up his well placed comb-over–but if he could just look past all that and see that both the sun and the wind could provide our country free, clean energy he’d have many more fans in the REAL world.

Could it be the one time cost for a wind turbine and/or solar panels that’s keeping the energy industry, John, and many of his right-wing good-old-boys from falling in love with the right alternative? Without the option for a wide base of customers to gouge repeatedly (ie. fuel costs) they all may be thinking–what’s the point?


For the record, if the choices were coal or nuclear–I’d choose nuclear. But those aren’t the choices–wind and solar are viable clean alternatives. Especially when we, as a society, learn to conserve and re-use more and spend a lot less.