Mean Joe Green #31: The Purple Demoblican to the Rescue!

Origianlly posted on on 10/16/08
Enough politicking!
Enough he said/he said!

Keeping the earth clean and healthy is not Right vs. Left, it is right vs. wrong!

We all breathe the same air, drink the same water, eat food that comes from the earth’s soil. It is my observation that my Republican brother-in-law needs the same clean water and air as I in order to live. It is also an observation of mine that the health effects of toxic air and water will equally effect the children of my bro-in-law as much as it will my own. Therefore, it is up to the majority of us whether right or left, liberal or conservative to join together as one group of people that inhabit one planet and address the degradation of our environment.

For the Environment, we are not red or blue, Republican or Democrat–we are the Purple (Blue+Red) Demoblicans (Democrat+Republican)!

Purple Demoblicans unite!

Power tho the Purple!

Purple is the new green!

Demoblicans are the new environmentalists!

The below average catch phrases are endless…

*Write to government officials to make sure they realize the environment is, and always will be, a priority.
*Conserve. Drive less. Buy less. Waste less. Reduce. Re-use. Recycle.
*Avoid harmful chemicals whenever possible.
*Join clean up groups.
*Basically, as Ghandi said “Be the change that you wish to see…”