Mean Joe Green #38: Try-ceps are Stronger than BICEPs

Originally posted on on 11/21/08

The green jobs sector will grow.

With Obama’s election there will be (already has been) a much stronger focus on the environment–a focus on renewable energies, pollution reduction, green jobs, energy efficiency, fuel efficiency, and more. So, excuse me for not getting excited when Nike and Starbuck’s–two companies infamous for what they could’ve done rather than what they’ve actually done–join with Sun Microsystems, Levi Strauss, and Timberland to form a coalition with a focus on getting Congress to take action on climate change.

Sure, it’s a step in the right direction. Sure, it’s something I should be praising. But how can one not be skeptical when these companies, which have long had the opportunity to promote change (and change themselves), are only doing so when they obviously realize things are moving in this direction anyway.

It’s called “jumping on the bandwagon”.

The coalition calls itself BICEP (Business for Innovative Climate and Energy Policy). Let’s hope that unlike the over-inflated biceps found on an egomaniacal gym rat, these BICEPs aren’t just for show.


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