Health Care Reform Bill Signed! (need to fix an old cartoon)

“Health Care Reform Bill Signed! (need to fix an old cartoon)” reposted from WendMag’s Greenery page.
“When Climate Change and Health Care Reform Collide” from 9/15/09 (see revision below this cartoon)

Revision made 3/23/10 after Obama signed the Health Care Reform Bill that, among other things, allows people with preexisting conditions to receive health care.

Sure, it’s a lot less funny, but it’s also a lot less depressing. Of course, this joke is two-sided–Health Care reform and the state of the environment are both being addressed in the cartoon. The Health Care bill was signed today so the preexisting conditions part of the joke is null–but the fact that Mother Nature still needs immediate care is an issue.

Will we “get her taken care of?” And will it be “right away?”…

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