It’s Earth Day! Spend Time not Money!

“It’s Earth Day! Spend Time not Money!” reposted from Wend Magazine’s Greenery page.
I’m sure all 2 of my hardcore fanbase (wife and sister–thanks!) will recognize this cartoon (touched up a bit) from Earth Day last year. Why repost an old cartoon? First, I’m sick :( . Second, it is an important message. Green consumerism will not solve our problems. That’s like calling the Prius an “Earth friendly car” when it is really just a “not as bad, kinda” car.
Don’t get me wrong, when you NEED things choose truly ‘green’ options. But first, make sure it’s a need and not a want. It’s important to know the difference.

More text (still very relevant) from last year’s post:
When John Ivanko reviewed Pat Murphy’s terrific book Plan C: Community Survival Strategies for Peak Oil and Climate Change (New Society, 2008) he summed up all of the available plans in the following excerpt:

Plan A is our present course: more oil drilling, more growth, more carbon dioxide emissions, more consumption, more of a gap between the haves and have-nots. Plan B suggests that we can shop our way out of climate change and peak oil, if only we consume “green” products and services. But Plan C advocates a drastic reduction in consumption as the necessary ingredient for a sustainable, equitable world. Replacing competition with cooperation and materialism with meaningful human relationships, Plan C makes an appealing case for unique places where neighbors care for each other and communities work cohesively to achieve a common wealth that has little to do with money.