Slackline Around the World Week 4: Slacking in to Salt Lake City…in 1912!!!

Slacklining Around the World series can be found on Wend Magazine’s Blog…

Why did I decide to slackline into Salt Lake city 98 years ago?
Two reasons.
1) I have a lot of time to think while traveling at just under 2 mph.
2) I’m a cartoon.
As wonderful as I thought it’d be to slack my way in to Utah’s past, I was that much more depressed to learn that had I stayed in 2010 I would have been able to catch one of my all-time favorite musicians, Todd Snider, perform at Red Butte Gardens! Oh well, you know the old saying about being clever: “Cleverness will make you miss a Todd Snider show, someday.”
I’ll be arriving in present-day Boulder next week. I hope to get a clean t-shirt from my friend Mike, as I pass through. And maybe a burrito. God I’d LOVE a burrito!