If Climate Change Was a Dog (cartoon)

“If Climate Change Was a Dog (cartoon)” Reposted from Wend Magazine, Twilight Earth, PlanetSave, and Ecopolitology.

We did know about climate change back in the 50’s, as evidenced by this Frank Capra Video on Global Warming. But even though it was a monster of a dog back then, it was still just a harmless little puppy.

Today, well, it’s different. And I don’t know how much I trust the little man controlling that monster of a dog. I think it’s a female dog too, so it’s safe to say climate change is a bitch, a scary three-headed bitch with a taste for blood!

2 thoughts on “If Climate Change Was a Dog (cartoon)

  1. Hello Joe,

    This toon & post was reposted at twilight earth—where I stumbled on it following a twitter ad & blog link. A tweet by another female writer responding to twilight earth—who feels she is green—inspired me to edit your creation. I’ve made a webpage incorporating that edit which I would like to use to try to effect a Twitter conversation with her and Adam concerning what “green” is what rational activism is regarding “protecting” the environment—if it is OK with you: http://is.gd/e6mEq

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