Big Oil and Big Coal’s Favorite Toy

Find me a liberal in the Big Coal and/or Oil biz and I’ll never draw another cartoon again!

Republican governor candidates deny climate change
On climate change, it’s the Republicans versus reality

2 thoughts on “Big Oil and Big Coal’s Favorite Toy

  1. Joe – I don’t want to sound like I’m being mean, but I think you should work on improving your cartoons a little more.

    First of all your cartoon characters seem to be overly simplified. In all honesty, they come across as lacking any personality, as if you’re in a hurry to “get something out”. I think you could be more effective if you created characters that jump out at the reader – that are more 3D.

    Secondly, I don’t know what to make of the text. Is it suppossed to be a thought provoking message, satire or political commentary. There’s really nothing there that leaves you with any inspiration. I read these and just think, “Okay, so what?”. Am I suppossed to laugh or should I feel like I’m more educated on a subject? It’s just seems all too dry to convey any lasting message of any type.

    Anyway, I hope to see improvements in the future. Thanks for listening.


    1. Thanks Ed! You weren’t mean at all. You were very honest, and I appreciate it.
      I do rush my cartoons often because, although it would be my dream job to be a full time cartoonist, it is not my full time job and I regularly find myself rushing to get a cartoon idea finished (occassionally before it is fully “baked”). When I do have time I find the outcome to be more in line with the message and image I was hoping to convey. That said, I also sometimes draw basic pictures to simply share info or a story that I feel needs to be shared. Thus, the depth of my cartoons varies.
      I am learning as I go and feedback like yours reminds me to slow down and redirect my focus to the kind of editorial cartoons you refer to. The ones that I WANT to draw (and have drawn).

      I am constantly reminding myself to slow down in life. Your comment reminds me to slow down in cartooning.

      Thanks Ed!

      Please keep checking in on occassion. I would love to get your honest feedback as time goes on…


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