What you heard vs. What you remembered [cartoon]

Need a good source for info and a nice spot to take action? Check out Care2!
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4 thoughts on “What you heard vs. What you remembered [cartoon]

  1. Too much info, too many worldwide issues, causes, disasters….TOO MUCH! I give up. Going to get a manicure and call my shrink.

    No but seriously, we CAN break it into to baby steps. Easily digestible, actionable steps.
    You can do that here:
    or here:

    There’s more, but you can start there. Oh, and my favorite of course:
    Joe you’ve perfectly captured the noise vs. signal, and the frightening banality of the signals we choose to keep. Yikes!

  2. I wish that this movement wouldn’t tie itself to Democrats… there are people who are are conservatives that care about the Monsanto issue too

    1. I think voters on both sides feel pretty much the same on this issue. If it seems to be a more liberal cause it’s because conservative politicians have been more favorable to biotech and Monsanto. Though dems are close behind…

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