World’s First Waste-Free Baby!

More on diaper-eating shrooms, from Treehugger: Mushrooms Can Break Down 90% of Diaper Materials Within 2 Months

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2 thoughts on “World’s First Waste-Free Baby!

  1. Pfft!! Coffee up my nose. nice Joe!

    Slightly terrifying due to it not being so far from the realm of reality, I bet there’s a dad with a mushroom baby food blog somewhere. Day 39: Baby is climbing the walls (literally) to chase invisible elephants. Maybe I shouldn’t have picked those wild mushrooms from the woods?

    Fascinating info from Treehugger, I’ll keep an eye out for the new breed of Huggies Shitake spores!

    P.S> I’d love to include this with attributes of course (along with a link to your work here > if that’s alright by you!

    1. I hear coffee up the nose gets the caffeine in the system quicker…you’re welcome :)

      Of course you can re-post the cartoon!
      Thanks, Petunia!

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