In Defense of Crap

More on the school lunches
From Grist: Down with healthy school lunches, says House GOP
From GOOD: Infographic: School Cafeteria Food vs. Prison Food
More on Rep. Jack Kingston (R-GA)
From Daily Kos: GOP congressman repeatedly denies evolution on Real Time with Bill Maher
More on Kellogs (Tony the Tiger’s creator)
From the Organic Consumer’s Association: Boycott Kellogg’s!
From Huffington Post: Kellogg’s Loves Genetically Engineered Foods

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2 thoughts on “In Defense of Crap

  1. Ain’t that the truth Joe. Just goes to show you who has the ear of the networks, and where their priorities lie. It’s encouraging that voices of outrage can effect change on the healthy foods front, but I suppose it’s a lot easier to take down an aging tiger than it is to battle the multitude of content providers feeding our kids mind-rotting, emotionally-numbing, valueless crap.

    Makes me glad the TV is usually off around here, though I will admit to knowing all the Yo Gabba Gabba Songs. So for all of us trying to keep the moral compass alive and well for the next generation, I bring you the words of the great DJ Lance: “Keep trying…keep trying..don’t give up..never give up..!”

    Oh, and don’t bite your friends, no matter what Stephenie Meyer says.

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