What the Tea Party is really demanding

If only this group of angry shouters weren’t puppets in a larger game.

More on what’s behind the Tea Party

From Grist: Tea Party-backing Koch Industries is major carbon polluter
From Open Secrets: Oil and Gas–Influence and Lobbying
From Mother Jones: Rick Perry’s Dirty Deals With Big Coal

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2 thoughts on “What the Tea Party is really demanding

  1. HI Joe. Your art is perfect for what we are doing right now. We are rallying for the right to know and label genetically engineered “foods”. I would like to use one of your images for our NYC poster, its the one with the bee and the “Eye” flower. Is this possible? Thank you so much, I look forward to seeing more of your work especially the ge ones!

    1. Sure thing!
      BUT, let me touch that image up and send you a bigger file so you can blow it up.
      When will you need it by?


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