The Last U.S. Poll on Climate Change

More on the U.S. public opinion on Climate Change

From Grist: The frog and the polar bear: The real reasons Americans aren’t buying climate change
From PlanetSave: UN Climate Negotiators Wrestle for an ‘Ideal’ Plan that Will Completely Screw Us
From Ecopolitology: Republican Presidential Candidates on Climate Change
Another cartoon: Wrong and Wrongerer: How Both Sides of the Aisle Address Climate Change

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9 thoughts on “The Last U.S. Poll on Climate Change

  1. Thanks Joe. I’ll check those out. Much appreciated…..and of course, I’m adding your ‘toon above to our collection.

    Since you’ve been generous enough to share those with me, here are some of my all-time faves:

    Video: Did you ever see this great David Crowe shtick on “Gasoholics Anonymous?”

    Quips: Two great ones from Bill Maher:
    Two Bill Maher Quips

    (Sorry about the long URLS: I tried inserting a hyperlink in the quips, but I have no idea if it’s going to work….until it posts!)

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