Choose the New Character for Hank D and the Bee!

These were my 6 favorite suggestions for a new character. Please make your vote in the comment section below this post (or tweet it to @GreenCartoons). Thanks to all who made suggestions!

Thoughts on the potential new characters:
An angry flower: There were many flower suggestions, so the type of flower (I think I like Black Eyed Susan the best) and whether or not he/she is angry is up to you. Feel free to be specific in your vote.
A love interest for bee: Suggested by two people–my dad being one–so I had to add her.
A worm: I love worms! It’s an easy addition. Too easy?
A Politician: An interesting (and topical) suggestion from EcoChildsPlay’s Jennifer Lance. I was going to draw the politician simply as a wig, but decided to add the question mark…may go back to just the wig.
A goat: Another great backyard animal. I drew a young goat with shoes, just ‘cuz.
An egg with legs: I liked this suggestion mostly because Wendy is so silent and you’d think an egg in a shell would be as well, but I’d make him/her very chatty. However, I feel like this character already exists. Is anyone aware of an egg-with-legs cartoon character?

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15 thoughts on “Choose the New Character for Hank D and the Bee!

  1. I am voting for Black Eyed Susan (Can work as a love interest for Bee since he can help with polination) , plus I have a preferene to the original suggestion (me)!! Besides the female bee just looks like Bee in Drag. Maybe Susan can start off angry and through her “blossoming” love with Bee becomes happy.

      1. I don’t influence. It’s one of her favorite flowers, so she influenced me…..Seriously, all a goat would do is try to eat the shoes off of his/her feet.

      2. One of my faves too. U can rest assured that is BES does not get picked she will be in a cartoon at some point. Besides, a goat with shoes! Shoes! Hilarious ;)

        It’s actually getting close between bee, goat and BES. But goat’s still in the lead…

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