Hank D and the Bee: The Newt on my Boot Asked me not to Pollute

Ready to take action? 49 Simple Things You Can Do to Save the Earth.

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One thought on “Hank D and the Bee: The Newt on my Boot Asked me not to Pollute

  1. Easy:

    – Throw away the TVs and don’t look back.That’s the first step. After the TV is gone, the rest becomes very simple.

    – Get rid of the car,
    – Get out of debt, take deposits out of money-center banks and finance markets. Hoarding is good.
    – Pay cash for everything, no credit cards or loans. What sustains the predatory economy is credit. Ten million cuts by ordinary people and credit will die.
    – Get rid of gas powered gadgets: pumps, saws, edgers, weed-whackers, mowers, hedge-trimmers,
    – Get rid of gas powered toys: jet skis, snowmobiles, ‘work’ trucks (that never do any work), RVs, outboard motors, etc. If using something does not return money by its use you cannot afford to keep it. Get rid of it.
    – Get rid of household electric gadgets: freezers, air conditioners, space heaters (wear long-johns), motorized toys,
    – Move to an apartment or a smaller house: no McMansions or vacation ‘homes’.

    Want something to do with all of your new-found time after having no more junk to tend? Learn to play a musical instrument.

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