Cyber Baby – Future Soldier

Cyber Baby: Future Soldier
Shel Silverstein said, “Never explain what you do. It speaks for itself. You only muddle it by talking about it.”
I try to stick to that, but I do want to say one thing about half of this cartoon–Parents(!) get your kids OFF devices! They need time with you AND time alone with their imagination/thoughts. Beyond that, I’ll lend you my Speak & Spell for road trips.

Curmudgeonly Yours,
‘Mean Joe Green’

More: Bring city kids to nature, and since media/technology ain’t going away let’s push for some better programming!

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3 thoughts on “Cyber Baby – Future Soldier

  1. Using this for my weekly take a break post. I urge all to disconnect from work and electronics for a whole day. Having converted to Judaism some 40 years ago, it is now an ingrained habit. I think kids will need to be connected to make it in the real world, but enough is enough and too much is too much. Thank you for this and the permission to share. You will get the credit.

  2. They can not learn social skills over social media! Hard as it is to believe they actually need to interact with real people.

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