Without Cell Phones…

Without cell phones
Another anti-mobile device cartoon for you to send your mobile device-dependent pals. At least I am not alone in my rage. Check out Rhett and Link’s Get off the Phone Song.

This cartoon is also in print in the current issue of Yes! magazine.

Oh, and after you disconnect, take time to cherish the peacefulness.

Joe Mohr is a cartoonist for a variety of publications and children’s writer and illustrator. His first book ROBOT+BIKE=KITTEN was recently published.


4 thoughts on “Without Cell Phones…

  1. This is the first time I’ve commented on one of your cartoons. Not because this one was more poignant than the others (they are all poignant), but because the cumulative effect of seeing things I believe in expressed in a way that I appreciate so much, finally inspired me (after months of reading your comics) to say something: thank you.

    1. Thanks, Michelle. That is the nicest comment I think I’ve ever received. By the way, I’m envious of your work. I am a HUGE lover of humpback whales yet have never seen one live. Someday…
      All the best to you.

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