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Cellphone Cartoon for Greenpeace South Korea

Greenpeace South Korea republished an old cartoon. It’s very cool to see one of my cartoons written in Korean.
…in case your Korean is rusty, here’s the original.

Joe Mohr is a cartoonist for a variety of publications and a children’s writer and illustrator. His first book ROBOT+BIKE=KITTEN is now available in stores and online.


One comment on “Cellphone Cartoon for Greenpeace South Korea

  1. Jan Steinman
    September 1, 2017


    The Korean written language, “Hangul,” is the most modern language transcription system in the world, having been commissioned by King Sejong to a team of scholars in the 1400s. It is completely phonetic, with the sound of each digraph or trigraph remaining the same, outside its context, unlike most other languages. The elements of the di/trigraphs are always “consonant, vowel” or “consonant, vowel, consonant”, and are intended to mimic the shape of the human mouth when pronouncing them. The end result is that South Korea has the highest literacy rate in the world. After just a week or so of part-time study, I was able to properly “sound out” street signs and menu items, making travel MUCH easier.

    Congrats on getting translated, Joe!

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