Broster 2: “Haiku Blues”


The first part of this cartoon is a poem from my book, Robot+Bike=Kitten. I like Sister’s response. She’s both smart and sisterly all at once.

I meant to link this video last week from a few years ago when my daughter’s art teacher asked her to interview me for an art project. It shows me explaining the joke of last week’s cartoon. I don’t like explaining cartoons. Doing so reminds me of my favorite Shel Silverstein quote, “Never explain what you do. It speaks for itself. You only muddle it by talking about it.” A somewhat related note about Shel, most people know him only as a children’s poet, but he was also an extremely successful cartoonist and songwriter.


Broster is a farcical weekly, single-panel comic series about a brother and a sister created by Joe Mohr. Besides cartooning and illustrating, Joe writes lyrics and poems for (and raps in) a rock band for kids called ROBOT+BIKE. The music and the messages are enjoyed by parents and kids alike. Check it out!

2 thoughts on “Broster 2: “Haiku Blues”

  1. Wish I would smile more each day Takes seventeen muscles Oh well, maybe something else

    Never tried before, this is my first attempt! This is a senior Haiku Blues Haiku! What do you think? Joe 636 625-6009


    1. Well the joke of the cartoon is that sister is telling brother it’s 7-5-7 (as a joke) in actual 5-7-5 haiku form :)
      Also, yours is 7-6-7…so for a first attempt I’d say–keep trying…in private ;)

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