Broster 46: Original Brosters

Broster Live2a

Broster Livea

I mentioned a few weeks back that I am going to be posting two new Broster comics per week in 2019. I figured I’d start with the inspiration for Broster–my sister. She’s one of the most important people in my life. Our relationship growing up is the source of good comic strip material. I’m lucky to have a sister/friend who is so kind, giving, and thoughtful. Here’s to my sister and a new year of two Brosters per week! Happy New Year!

Broster is a farcical weekly, single-panel comic series about a brother and a sister created by Joe Mohr. Besides cartooning and writing and illustrating, Joe writes lyrics and poems for (and raps in) a rock band for kids called ROBOT+BIKE. The music and the messages are enjoyed by parents and kids alike. Check it out!