Broster 130: Rock, Paper, Scissors, DON’T SHOOT!


Love. Beats. Guns. Really. It’s the only thing that can. Common sense has not worked. Thoughts and prayers are a joke! Horrific, unthinkable massacres have not prevented future massacres. Love beats guns by allowing your love for humanity, peace, and decency to inspire you to take action to change the laws and elect politicians at every level that are fighting to reform the current laws (or lack of) that have created a society whose only defense to now-regular school shootings is a heavy dose of thoughts and prayers.

The groups battling guns with love and ACTION are Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action. Join their efforts here.

Broster is a farcical twice-weekly (typically Tuesdays and Thursdays), single-panel comic series about a BROther and a siSTER created by Joe Mohr. Besides cartooning and writing and illustrating, Joe writes lyrics and poems for (and raps in) a rock band for kids called ROBOT+BIKE. The music and the messages are enjoyed by parents and kids alike. Check it out!