Betsy Ross Explains the Flag

I was asked to create a work of art for a campaign called The Flag is For All of Us. Their goal is to try to reclaim the flag for all Americans, not just the Trump-supporting, gun-loving folks who have hijacked it over the past decade or two. I agree that the flag is for ALL Americans (minus these fools). It was nice to be asked because since the pandemic began I’ve created a total of two cartoons. This one is number three and I feel like my creative juices are slowly dripping back into my brain.

I was searching for an old-fashioned font to use for the 13-word declaration and found a bunch on I chose this one because it was aptly named CHOMSKY. Nothing like fighting an enormous lack of critical thinking skills with a font named after the top critical thinker of our time.

I hope you enjoy my “The Flag is For Some of Us” cartoon. I plan to be sharing more regularly again soon. In the meantime check out my instagram for more musings and other works of art I create (woodworking, painting, etc.). VOTE!