* From EcoLifeBrands: Listed as a “Top Green Online Influencer of 2012”

* Finalist in the Union of Concerned Scientists 2012 Cartoon Contest (click on #9)

* From AllParenting.com: Listed as one of “The Best Green Living Blogs“.

* From Democracy Now: My Mark Block/Hermain Cain “Blocktopus” cartoon (about 55 minutes into the show during the interview with Center for Media and Democracy’s Lisa Graves).

Screen shot from 11/8/2011 episode of Democracy Now

*From Balanced Edutainment: Is That Kweli or a Butterfly? (new illustration)
* From Joe Romm’s ClimateProgress: Mohr Cartoon Humor: ‘Thinking’ Like a Climate Skeptic
* From PlanetSave: Top 10 Global Weirding & Environment Stories of 2010
* From Greenpeace: Facebook: Will it be dirty coal or clean, green energy?
* A cartooning interview from Lemonade Origami
* A bummer of a city beekeeping feature: City-based beekeepers could help attack drop in bee populations
* A funny feature from GreenLivingIdeas: Cartoonist Joe Mohr: Science-y… or Scientist?
* An art feature in Wend Magazine’s Greenery section – Green Art Goes Great with a Green Lifestyle
* A short interview – Favorite Nature Destinations (7 Green Bloggers)
* Top Green Stumblers (from Green Lifestyle Magazine)
* From EnGreet: A nationwide press release on Oil Spill greeting cards.
* “A portrait of the artist as a big kid” St Louis Post Dispatch
* A review from EcoChildsPlay.
* A review of book #2 from EcoChildsPlay
* A mention on “Out with the Kids”.
* A child reading my first book “Go Out! Go Out” on the CBS Early Show! (40 seconds into the clip) Go Out! Go Out! on CBS Early Show

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