Mean Joe Green #26: Governor Palin vs. Science

Originallly posted on on 9/17/08

Governor Palin vs. Science

This cartoon is a result on Palin’s recent shift on Global Warming. The change in position has caused her poor environmental record to receive more scrutiny.

According to Friends of the Earth Action President Brent Blackwelder:

Sarah Palin’s record is not extensive — just two years ago she was the mayor of a city of less than 10,000 people — but what her record indicates is troubling. This spring, she opposed the listing of polar bears as a ‘threatened’ species. She supports the brutal aerial hunting of wolves. And she has been a friend of Big Oil, opposing a windfall profits tax on the oil industry that could fund affordable clean energy for more Americans. Palin’s husband works for BP.

Her short but disturbing environmental record troubles me second only to her extreme religious beliefs. I don’t know if an “End Times” doomsday-scenario believer should be given the nuke codes. I’m sure this woman is a good person–BUT I STRONGLY BELIEVE SHE SHOULD NOT BE ONE BEATING HEART AWAY FROM RUNNING (ruining) OUR COUNTRY.

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