Mean Joe Green #27: Polar Bears Prove the Right Right

Originally posted on on 9/26/08
CNN recently came out with a chilling report titled; Polar Bears Resort to Cannibalism as Arctic Ice Shrinks. I can only imagine how Bill O’Reilly spins this on The O’Reilly Factor (see below). Considering about a year ago O’Reilly had environmental knucklehead John Stossel on his show–offering Stossel another venue from which to prove his knuckleheadery–where he stated “polar bear populations are increasing…”

If you say so John. That mustache apparently filters the truth.

More from the Conservative Right Wrong: Governor Palin sued to fight the listing of polar bears as endangered.

Good choice Sarah, just because the land that they walk on is melting doesn’t mean they are endangered. I’m sure they’ll leap frog millions of years of evolution and grow gills.

In the meantime…

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