Mean Joe Green #28: McCain’s Environmental Strategy: Lie.

Originally posted on on 10/2/08

Want a President who isn’t afraid to ignore important votes for renewable energy and unafraid to lie to your face?
Vote John McCain.

Two recent bills in support of promoting renewable energy nearly made it to the the Senate floor–they fell one vote short. Needing 60 votes to progress, each failed with a tally of 59 for–40 against–and 1 senator absent. Guess which senator missed the votes that could have moved our country and our economy towards cleaner, greener, pastures?

You guessed it–The Maverick!

And guess who was absent on 6 other similar votes this year and last?

Yep–Maverick again!

And guess who, when asked about those missed votes, told U.S. citizens “..I have not missed any crucial vote”?


At a time when we are in desperate need of a global clean-up can we afford to elect a Maverick who stated last December that the “truly clean technologies don’t work.”? (By the way this is the same one-man think tank that called the fundamentals of our economy strong, only a few weeks back!)

Time to elect a leader who has a clue…