Slackline Around the World Week 11: Oh Snap! No Peas for Me in NYC

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I’m hungry and tired and arrived in NYC (the end of my US tour!) without any type of fan fair. Yet my spirits lifted when my slackline passed a beautiful fire escape garden. Throughout, this cross country slacktour I ate a generous amount of burritos, consumed more beer than a cartoon man on a slackline should, and ingested countless bugs, a few bats, and a hawk (it was either him or me), but when I passed this garden and saw the juicy snap peas taunting me from within their iron sanctuary, it took all of my restraint not to snap into a snap pea.

After following Mike Lieberman’s (CanarsieBK) exploits as an NYC fire escape gardener I couldn’t get myself to take what was not mine and moreover, what was so beautifully and dutifully tended to and loved.

Hungry, tired, and without inner peas, I am done crossing our great country by slackline.
(Talk about not leaving a footprint.)

I’m heading across the Atlantic towards Portugal in a few days. I’ll include my updated Mean Joe Green SlackTracker next week sometime.


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