Loaded Breasts and Loaded Guns [cartoon]

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photo within cartoon: Roger H. Goun


2 thoughts on “Loaded Breasts and Loaded Guns [cartoon]

  1. With the recent report that Monsanto PCBs were found in mother’s breast milk, in fact, a breast could be regarded as a loaded gun, health-wise, pointed at a child’s mouth. Pity the suckling children. They are heirs to a world tainted with dioxin, agent orange and genetically altered facsimile food. Nourishment must be bartered from organic farmers who are literally fighting to preserve their pure status against a patents and natural forces of wind, bird and bee that unwittingly spread the evil pollen and further expand Monsanto’s footprint across the land.

    1. Good points, Scott.
      However, what might be in breastmilk is probably still better than what might be in formula and milk (even organic). Everything is tainted. The goal is to find the least…in a world with Monsanto (et al) it is becoming increasingly difficult.

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