Cartoon caption contest Winner!

Sorry, Frosty. We honestly believed our tweets about climate change would work.

Thanks for all of the great captions! The 4 finalists were:
Robert Buckley – Sorry, Frosty. We honestly believed our tweets about climate change would work.
dave lulich – “worm” weather is on the way
Emory – It’s amazing what you can do with your feces!
Joe Yeoman – “Oliver, I bet we can figure out away to make this a commentary about Monsanto.”

Robert Buckley was the winner. Robert will receive a freeSee Bikes” t-shirt from my on-line t-shirt store at!

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16 thoughts on “Cartoon caption contest Winner!

  1. One week, blizzard and freezing temps, next week no snow and warm weather. At least we’ll be able to eat well when the locusts show up.

  2. With the climate changes we have these days the pounds just Melt away….. Though he did always think he looked fat in white.

  3. 1. “he said he wanted a “poodle”

    2.”seeing him like this just melts my heart”

    3. this is not what I meant when I said “I wanted a frosty one before last call”

  4. “I guess there is no need to fly south for the winter again this year!”
    “One perk of global warming I suppose…”

    Hey Joe! Hope all is well brother. Lets catch up soon!

  5. The birds: “I got first dibs on the carrot!”
    (Instead of looking at how we can benefit now or simply disregard, dig deep, see what really is going on and “be the change”! )

  6. A
    Bird1 called Pete: “Tweet, Tweet, it’s the carrot that I want to eat”
    Bird2 called Joe: “Tweet, Tweet, no, no, I want it all for me, Pete!”
    Bird1: ” No way! The Vitamine B12 on it’s skin is all mine, Joe”
    Bird2: ” Carrots also contain small amounts of Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate and Panthothenic Acid. You stupid nerd!”
    Bird1: “Tweet, I’m sorry – I’m just a bird! But I’ve got an idea where no-one get’s hurt!”
    Bird2: “Tweet, Tweet, Please, please tweet it into my ear…”
    Bird1: ” Tweeteridooo Let’s SHARE the carrot and drink a beer!”
    They where happily tweeting ever after! And if they are still alive they are still sharing the food they find…
    If you like this caption you can follow and tweet with me @mytreetv

    A typical serving size of carrots is about 100 grams. It may not seem to be that much, but there is a lot more contained in those 100 grams than are in most foods we commonly eat.

    100 grams of carrot contains almost 3 days worth of Vitamin A. Yes, that is a lot. Of course it doesn’t do any good for tomorrow, but definitely a food that you want to eat if you need your Vitamin A, something to keep in mind for a snack on the go.

    The Vitamin A it contains is plentiful in many ways. It contains about 690 mcg of Retinal Activity Equivalent, 6391 mcg of Beta Carotene, 3767 mcg of Alpha Carotene and 358 mcg of Lutein and Zeaxanthin. All of these in which are great for eye development and health.

    Many people don’t associate carrots with Vitamin C. However it does contain about 14% of your daily value of Vitamin C, approximately 8.4 mcg.

    Vitamin K is a vitamin that is often not heard about, Carrots contain about 9.4 mcg, or 15% of your daily value of Vitamin K. Vitamin K is a responsible for aiding in proper bone growth and blood coagulation.

    Carrots also contain small amounts of Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Folate and Panthothenic Acid.

    Not bad for eating such a small amount of something.

    Read more:

  7. These are good, so far…keep thinking and submitting. There are some real good ones on the other sites that publish my cartoons (links above–to see ur competition)…
    Thanks all!
    Good luck.

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