Broster 15: A Chair for Your Teacher – $5


Plus tacks (plus tax). Get it?! …Anyway, don’t forget to get something for your teacher at the end of the school year! Be nice.

Broster is a farcical weekly, single-panel comic series about a brother and a sister created by Joe Mohr. Besides cartooning and illustrating, Joe writes lyrics and poems for (and raps in) a rock band for kids called ROBOT+BIKE. The music and the messages are enjoyed by parents and kids alike. Check it out!



One thought on “Broster 15: A Chair for Your Teacher – $5

  1. HAR HAR!

    A teenager cautiously made his way into the pharmacy, and whispered to pharmacist: “I would like to buy some condoms.”

    The pharmacist replied, “That will be $2.18, including tax.”

    Shocked, the teenager said, “I thought they stayed up by themselves!”


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